First Post!

So finally i have a blog.

Honest to God my intention wasn’t to open one, i started with the idea of building up my own KB articles with detailed steps and considerations about how and why i do things in a certain way. The problem is that since there is never enough time i tend to suck when it’s time to write documentation, so i thought i would put it in the public eye to force myself to do a decent job when it comes to it.

And then i quickly realised that most of the online resources where i learn new things or how to improve knowledge about the things i already know are always great blogs written by great people, so i thought: “why not a blog?”

I am going trough all phases of a new born creature: i have no idea if i will have enough time to dedicate to it, i don’t know if it will come out the way i expected it, if i have what it takes to make it interesting enough for others to read it… the list goes on and on but i decided i will do it for myself first of all, if others can benefit from it will be a great plus for me so don’t be shy with the comments and go ahead and motivate me 😉

Most of my posts will be dedicated to my present working activities which usually are VMware focused and lately mainly in the EUC line of products, so expect a lot of articles about Horizon Workspace since it’s the most recent product and not so many blogs articles are around quite yet. I’m sure i will get off the track from time to time just for a change.

Since i just built a new home lab that i will be using to support my posts i might even describe how i built it if it’s of some interest for anyone.

Well then, see you at the first real post!!

2 Responses to First Post!

  1. Bart says:

    Looking forward to it!

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