How to distribute Mirage Client with logon script

One of the things that Horizon Mirage doesn’t give you out of the box is the ability to deliver the Mirage client to clients in a centralized manned, which is kinda awkward for a solution that tries to centralize everything.

I solved this problem with a logon script i use for client deployments; you can use and tweak my script as you want but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you 🙂

Here’s the thing:

@echo off

rem echo Detecting OS processor type


rem echo 32-bit OS
msiexec /norestart /quiet /l* "\\path_to_log\%COMPUTERNAME%-MirageClient.log" /i "\\path_to_setup\MirageClient.x86.15875.msi" serverip=<your_mirage_server> usessltransport=false
goto END

rem echo 64-bit OS
msiexec /norestart /quiet /l* "\\path_to_log\%COMPUTERNAME%-MirageClient.log" /i "\\path_to_setup\MirageClient.x64.15875.msi" serverip=<your_mirage_server> usessltransport=false

Notice that the setup files have to be on a network share as well as the location of the log files where everyone have write access.

25 Responses to How to distribute Mirage Client with logon script

  1. Scott Coffman says:

    Thanks, this worked great! I deployed this as a startup script in a GPO and on first reboot Mirage was installed with no input from user. Saved me a ton of time 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    can you / anyone advise what the switch is to set the scan speed to always throttle ?

    • andreacasini says:

      Throling is enabled by default, what you can do is changing the idle time required for a scan to start but you can’t do that from the GUI.

      What are you trying to achieve?

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